RAMA CUCIRINI is born in Concordia sulla Secchia in the distant 1971 as a little workroom which produced cotton for the field of clothing. From an initial production, almost artisan, it goes by to the 80 years characterized from a constant increase and from an industrial reconversion. They are difficult years, but the enthusiasm and the rush of the owner bring to the birth of a winning idea: delivering the product with men and means Rama in fastest times! Soon this intuition will be winning and it will become a real company feature. Delivering in short times is only a part of a well lubricated and effective mechanism, the real intuition is born in fact from the philosophy of producing not for the order but for the warehouse which must always be referred to the actual requirements of the market. From this moment thank to continuous investments in human resources and in new plants, the company becomes protagonist of a dimensional and productive increase which brings it to a modern industry leader on the market. 25 years have gone by from the first cones produced on our Hacoba and the desire of representing a point of reference for our customers is always actual and itís for this reason and for the desire of being in the forefront, that till today we try to improve.



                      Cucirini Rama Srl - 41033 Concordia (Modena) Italy - Via A.Grandi, 12/B - Tel. +39 0535 43411 - Fax +39 0535 54708 - e-mail: rama@ramasrl.com

Capitale Sociale Ä 312.000.00 i.v. - Numero di iscrizione Reg. imprese di Mo, Partita IVA  e Codice Fiscale 00193710365