Spun polyester sewing threads

It is a sewing thread consisting of 100% polyester cotton cut high tenacity, drawn.  It has been created to replace the expensive and complex structure of he recovered ones, by polyester fibres   properly processed and twisted to get similar technical values.If we could make hyphotesis regarding the quality range and the cost one, KING would get a sligh lower position compared with poly-poly and poly-cotton.  Principal differences are in dynamometric values which are 8-10% lower than the similar covered counts.As far as the cost range is concerned, KING is slighty cheaper.   KING fills the old gap between the covered and the spuns.Thanks to it, RAMA offers customers a complete range of articles, which can ful fil any expectation.

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It is a cotton cut yarn consinsting by  100% polyester.This article is also costructed on two-for-one twisting and so almost without lacks.Lubrication, that it is good and uniformed becouse effected in two different passages, consents us to assure a good functional.

technical information PDF

100% Cotton cut polyester, double lubrication

Available tickets size :
  • SINT Et. 180
  • SINT Et. 120
  • SINT Et. 50


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